What's The Best Time To Buy Furnishings For Your Log Home?

Published on | log homes |Josh Horner

If you’re like most everyone, you get a tad excited about saving money whenever the opportunity presents itself; and this would certainly apply to purchasing furniture for your log-home! Believe it or not, furniture is marked up by as much as 500%, so buying when the ‘buying is good’ is the name of the game! “But when IS the buying good?” you might ask; and the answer to that question would be: all year long—depending on what particular pieces of furniture you are looking for. Different times of the year lend themselves to choice-specific pieces.

Everything from airline tickets to cars to clothing all go on sale during various times of the year for two reasons in particular: 1) newer inventory is always ready to replace the old and 2) an over-supply or decreased demand will result in lower prices—it boils down to good ol’ supply and demand.

Let’s take a look at the best time to buy furnishings for your log home each month of the year and see what furniture pieces are typically on sale during those periods:

Best Time To Buy Furnishings For Your Log Home Broken Down By Month:

*** January:

Flooring, furniture and large appliances will have prices reduced. If you see “White Sales”, it usually means prices are cut in half and everything from linens to plasma televisions will be dramatically reduced. Retailers will be making room for the new year’s inventory; and retailers can’t wait to get rid of the old and replace it with the new.

*** February:

Be on the look-out for President’s Day Sales! You’ll find home theater items and mattresses and box-springs with prices that will tread lightly on your pocketbook.

*** March:

Getting rid of ‘wintery’ items is now in full force! Everyone is experiencing spring-fever and the thought of snow-related items are of little interest in people’s minds which is why heavy-duty items like snow blowers will have prices that are slashed. Online shopping specials are big this time of year, so check online sites for saving some cold cash once the weather begins to warm.

*** April:

Retailers know many people have tax refund money and because of this, coveted items such as televisions and electronics will be hot-ticket items as well as home office-furniture.

*** May:

Special celebrations cater to sale-prices; and with Mother’s Day and Memorial Day in one month, big price-reductions on mattresses, electronics and refrigerators will bring in the crowds.

*** June:

Lots of dad-related items will be advertised with lower prices since Father’s Day is a big gift-buying occasion. Everything dad loves, from recliners to lawn-mowers will become very affordable!

*** July:

The Fourth-of-July sales will target furniture of all types. Even more-expensive furniture pieces will be on sale—partly to bring in patrons to buy up as much inventory as possible since it’s mid-year and retailers are mindful of wanting to begin to liquidate old merchandise by the end of the year.

*** August:

It’s ‘off-to-college’ month and dorm furniture will be majorly on sale; but these types of furnishings could work well with your log home, as well—mini frigs, desks, smaller appliances, mattresses and rugs are all up for grabs. But they will go fast since college-bound and non-college-bound consumers will be hitting the stores for these types of bargains.

*** September:

The weather’s getting cooler, so retailers want to eliminate summer-related items such as patio furniture and grills. You’ll find sofas and sleeper sofas on sale, as well, since retailers are hoping consumers are thinking ahead with providing space with new pieces for end-of-the-year holiday guests.

*** October:

If you’ll be looking for dining room sets, then October will be your month. Big appliances will, also, be on sale.

*** November:

Look out for ‘Black-Friday’ sales on anything and everything, though the selections may be limited.

*** December:

It’s the end of the year and new inventory is waiting in warehouses. Bedroom furniture will be greatly reduced; and after December 25th, prices begin to really tumble.

Knowing when to buy can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars! It never hurts to call various stores ahead of time to find out when their big sales are about to happen so you can beat others to the punch. Because let’s face it, everyone else is as eager to save money on home furnishings just like you—timing becomes everything!

Tack sale reminders on your refrigerator or plug them into your phone so you can beat the crowds. And who knows, with all the extra money you can save, you just might feel inclined to buy one or two more pieces with that money to help embellish your beautiful log cabin home!