What is the Longest Lasting Deck Stain?

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If you are getting ready to work on a finish stain, finding out how long the stain will last and how often you will have to reapply the stain is important. You can find this and other pertinent information, such as the ideal way to apply the stain and how long to the stain should last, below.

Estimated Time Frame

Many outside factors affect how long a stain will last, including the angle of the surface, the shade of the stain, and what condition the surface is in. If you are applying a darker stain to a fresh surface, then you should expect to only have to re-stain a surface every four years on average. It also depends on the many choices you make while doing the work. Right from the start, everything you do impacts how long the stain will last after the project is complete.

Existing Stain on Original Surface

If you have an existing surface that is already well covered by another stain, you can stain over it and expect the same results. You will need to make sure that the original surface is clean and that everything is intact. If the old stain is chipping, flaking, or peeling off, then you should sand it down before applying the new finish. If you are using an oil- or solvent-based stain and have recently applied it, you can add clear UV Guard from Weatherall to create a perfect finish.

Solid, Semi-Transparent, or Clear

Using a solid stain will cover the wood grain, just like paint would. These stains are the most weather-resistant and will last the longest. Semi-transparent stains have a tint like sap from a tree, which means they allow some of the wood's natural color to show through the shade of the stain. Although semi-transparent stains won't last as long as the solid, they should still last around two to three years. Clear stains show the natural wood grain and generally need to be applied every year.

Weatherall offers stains in a variety of shades, from solids to clear coats. If you are looking for a brand that carries the best products and has a wide range to select from, Weatherall will certainly have you covered all around.

Methods of Applying That Last

The best and fastest method for applying stain will either be by brush or sprayer. Sprayers come in two forms: hand-pump and airless. It's best to use one with a tip from .013 to .019 to apply the finish. Once applied, you should use a brush to back-brush the stain into the grain immediately, which is much easier to do with two people. Keep your brushes as clean as possible during this process, and you should get the best-looking and longest-lasting stain possible.

Be sure to keep all of these factors in mind next time you need to use any kind of stain. Following the tips above should help you optimize the look and longevity of your stain.

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