Log Home Chinking: Top 12 Things You Need to Know

Published on | Log Home Chinking |Josh Horner

Chinking for your log home can be easy and complicated all at the same time. It is important to follow the guidelines below.

  • Select the right chinking application contractor for the job. Ask your chinking contractor for references. Most good chinking contractors will not mind sharing this information and will probably provide it before they are asked for it.
  • Select a chinking material from a reputable chinking manufacturer such as Sashco.
  • Select the right chinking material for your job. Some types of chinking material have more texture than others.
  • Select the type of chinking application you desire. Do you want a clean and crisp finish? Are you looking for trowel marks in the material or are you looking for a very rustic appearance with the chinking material?
  • Inquire with your chinking contractor whether backer rod will be installed. It is highly recommended to install some form of backer rod before installing your log home chinking material.
  • Select a chinking material that is going to be compatible with your log home stain. If you are unsure about the compatability of your log chinking and your log home stain then speak with the manufacturers of both products.
  • Inquire about the product warranty. Log Jam chinking is the only chinking that offers a lifetime warranty. Some of the other chinking materials offer 5 and 10 year warranties. Check with your chinking manufacturer for specific details.
  • Ask your chinking contractor what type of application warranty they will provide after the chinking has been installed. It is standard for chinking application contractors to offer 1-2 year warranties for small repair work.
  • Cover all details with your chinking contractor. It is much easier to agree on a contract before the job starts as opposed to during the middle of the job. Make sure to speak with your chinking application contractor about all of the horizontal and vertical details. Do you want your chinking to tie in with your drywall? Are you going to want to install chinking in all of your corner joints? Will your door and window trims require chinking?
  • Inquire about the time frame for the chinking application. It is much better to have the chinking for the exterior of your log home done during the summer and fall seasons. The chinking can be done during the winter and springs seasons but more precautions need to be taken in order to get the job done right.
  • Agree with your chinking contractor on who is going to purchase the chinking material.
  • Finally, make sure your chinking color selection is agreed upon. Once again, it will become difficult to make color changes after the job has been started.

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