Log Home Chinking

Published on | Log Home Chinking |Leroy Walker

Modern chinking is designed to look like old time mortar yet remain soft and flexible in order to keep the elements outside. Chinking can be purchased in a 5 gallon bucket or a 29oz tube. It is available in a variety of colors like light gray, mortar white, buff, tan, pecan or white white. Chinking is typically used in joint sizes ranging from 1-4 inches wide. Chinking has a gritty surface texture because it is designed to stand out from the wood. Chinking can be applied by professionals or diyer's and is typically applied after the structure has been stained.

Most chinking materials come with some type of warranty and are designed to last the lifetime of the building. Finally, it is important to use backer rod with chinking so that the material only gets two point adhesion. It is this two point adhesion that allows the chinking to stretch like a rubber band.

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