How to Build a Log Cabin Dog House

Published on | log homes |Leroy Walker

Humans aren't the only ones who deserve to enjoy the comfort and rustic charm of life in a log cabin. With this step-by-step guide, you can create a cute miniature version for your pet pooch.

Cut and Notch Your Timbers

Cutting and notching your timbers first will make the assembly of your log cabin much easier. The number and size of your timbers will depend on the size of your dog. You'll likely need long pieces for building up the back and side walls and shorter pieces for the front to allow for an entryway.

Draw a floor plan to determine your requirements and then cut the pieces to match. Using a table saw will help you keep sizing consistent. The outer sides of the timber can retain their distinctive curve, but flattening the other sides will help your pieces fit together better.

Then notch your timbers to help them lock into place. You'll need a notch on each end of the long timbers and a notch on just one end of the front pieces.

Lay the Foundation

A solid foundation is the start of any good construction project. Level a site large enough for your dog's log cabin and spread a 1-inch layer of sand over the area. Then lay some stone pavers down over the sand. Make sure there's a gentle slope towards the doghouse's door to allow adequate rainwater runoff.

Build Up the Walls

With the foundation in place, you can start building up the walls around it. Work on one level at a time. While your notches will help hold each piece of timber in place, you should apply construction adhesive between each piece for stability.

Give It a Roof

Once your walls are high enough, you can add the roof. A simple flat piece of corrugated tin or plywood will work, but for a really eye-catching finish create front and back gables from angled lengths of wood. Make sure to add some 2x4s for cross supports before covering the roof with a plywood top. Roofing shingles laid over the top of the plywood add a quaint touch.

It's easiest to construct the roof on the ground before placing it on top of your log cabin doghouse. You may like to simply place the roof on the house for easy cleaning, or secure it with galvanized screws for a more permanent solution.

Protect Your Log Cabin

After all your hard work, you'll want your doggy log cabin to last. Apply a good quality chinking material between the timbers to seal the house and prevent rot. TripleStretch chinking, which has a historic appearance and long lifespan, is ideal for this purpose.

Finish the job with a coat of UV Guard log stain. The stain is attractive, but it also helps protect your wood from damaging weather conditions including harsh UV rays. Reapply the log stain every five years to extend the life of your dog's log cabin.

For the dog that deserves the very best in life, there's no better gift than a log cabin made with love.

Featured image via Flickr by m01229.