How green are log homes?

Published on | log homes |Leroy Walker

When you are deciding if owning a log home is the right choice for you, there are probably a few things you are going to factor in. One of those might be how eco-friendly log homes are. To some, log homes do not have the environmental impact that they might like because of the amount of natural resources they can use. However, before making any assumptions about a log home, you should do a little research first. Here we explore how green log homes are, so you can make the decision that is right for you.

Using trees to build your home

It's important to note that even though log homes are a tree built structure that does not mean that they do not replace the trees. Unlike many other home building materials, trees are renewable. Using a renewable resource will always be more beneficial to the environment because you can plant more.

It can be easy to imagine that those who build log homes only take the trees, but they also replace them. Don't skip out on getting your dream log home because you have been misinformed about they way they are built, and the way trees are harvested and replenished.

The benefits of large logs

Because log homes use such large logs, the insulation in a log home is going to be much better than other home structures. Along with the proper chinking and caulking, log homes are very energy efficient when it comes to heating and cooling.

This not only saves the homeowner a lot of money over time, but it is great for the environment. Many companies who build log homes will take this energy saving up a notch by installing the best and strongest windows, doors and roofs to give your home even more protection.

There is more information available

As more people care for the environment, there is more information available to builders and owners of log homes. They are often the first in the home building industry to take pride in implementing the best practices for keeping the environment safe.

The Green Building Standard Committee works hard with other organizations to keep everyone informed and up to code when it comes to environmental building habits. They not only make sure they build the log home in a way that protects the natural ecosystem, but when they leave the finished product, they make sure that your home offers you every opportunity to keep this practice going.

How to do your part

If you are looking for a home that you can have peace of mind living in, knowing it is safe for the natural surroundings, there's more to consider than just what your home is made of. A log home will give you so many of these benefits, but you can always take it further.

Fill your home with appliances that meet energy efficient guidelines and dry your towels and sheets on a clothing line. By adopting smart practices like log home building companies have, you'll not only love your new home, but so will the natural habitat that surrounds you.