Who Makes Chinking?

Published on | Log Home Chinking |Josh Horner

Chinking material has been around for centuries. It has seen many changes over time. Typically chinking material is designed to keep the elements outside of a log structure. Also, it can be used solely for aesthetic purposes.

Who makes chinking? Well, there are 3 main chinking manufacturers that supply the majority of the chinking for the current log home industry. These companies are Sashco, Weatherall and Permachink.

Sashco is located in Brighton, Colorado. Sashco has been in business for over 75 years. Permachink is located in Redmond, Washington while Weatherall is located in Charlestown, Indiana. It is unclear and widely disputed who first introduced synthetic chinking to the log home industry. At this point it doesn't really matter. What does matter is finding the right company that is going to stand behind their chinking material. Additionally, all three companies manufacture log home stains. I mention this because your log home stain and chinking must be compatible to avoid any adhesion problems. Typically, if a company manufacturers both chinking and caulking then it is a pretty safe bet that their products are going to be compatible with each other. Check with each product manufacturer before applying either material.

Chinking for log homes can be purchased in 5 gallon buckets of quart size tubes. Chinking colors range from white white, mortar white, buff, tan, woodtone cedar, gray, light gray, khaki and pecan. Chinking material is typically purchased by contractors but is available for sale to homeowners. We recommend using Log Jam chinkingfor the following reasons.

  • It is the only chinking that has a 1 hour UL fire rating.
  • It is the only chinking material that is freeze thaw stable.
  • It is the only chinking material that offers a lifetime warranty.
  • It is highly elastic and outperforms almost any other product on the market.
  • It is the choice of most chinking contractors.
  • It is available in 7 standard colors and any custom color can be created.

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