Chinking for Log homes & Cabins: Application Guide & Tools

Published on | Log Home Chinking |Josh Horner

Log home chinking is typically applied by professionals but it is a skill that one can acquire over time. It is important to have the right tools, product and knowledge before starting your own chinking project. Chinking material can be applied through the use of quart tubes, bulk loading guns or industrial machines. Any of the aforementioned methods will work for chinking joints that are less than 3/4''. Bulk loading guns work well for chinking joints that are between 3/4'' - 2'' because they allow a wider bead of material to be applied as opposed to quart size tubes. Industrial application machines work great for larger chinking joints because they will save you time, energy and material. Bulk loading guns will work as well for chinking larger joints but quart size tubes are not recommended for this type of application. The following is a list of application tools that you will need in order to successfully apply log home chinking.

  • Lots of foam brushes or a couple trowels
  • Plenty of rags
  • Spray Bottle
  • Mylar Tape
  • Numerous tips for your bulk loading gun
  • Quart size bulk loading guns
  • Utility knife
  • Small cup for water

Applying the chinking material can be more difficult than it looks. It typically requires patience and time before one becomes proficient at the application process. It can be difficult to get a nice clean line because the material can collect on your foam brush or trowel. Also, the material can skin over rather quickly depending on the weather conditions. Misting the chinking material with water will help keep the material from skinning over too quickly. Foam brushes will help keep the material on the logs and not on you. Finally, it is highly recommended to install backer rod before applying any chinking material. Also, the application of the chinking material should not be done when rain is imminent and the temperature should be between 40-90 degrees. Check with the different manufacturers for more product specific details.

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