5 Reasons living in a log home is for you

Published on | log homes |Josh Horner

When it comes to choosing a type of home to set up in, it’s tough to beat a log home. Living in a log home is a fantastic experience for so many reasons and we’re going to take a look at some of the best ones. Here are five great reasons why the life of a log home owner is right for you.

1. Be an individual

Everyone lives in the same bricks and mortar style homes. Sure, they might be different shapes, colors and designs but at the end of the day very few of them really stand out. Not without spending a small fortune anyway! A log home allows you the chance to express your personality, be different and really stand out from the crowd. It’s rustic, it’s close to nature, and it’s cozy. A log home affords you the opportunity to truly be unique and that’s not always an easy thing to be.

2. Personalize

Speaking of being an individual, a log home allows you to design a home that you feel comfortable in. A home tailored to your very own requirements, built around your tastes and interests and built to fit the needs of your loved ones. You design it for you—that’s not something that comes with a ‘regular’ home.

3. Timeless design

Glass rooms, wooden panels, wooden ridges, shining metal doors; modern home design has gone, well, a little mad! These are fads that will come and go but a log cabin, now that’s classic. There’s a reason log homes have stood the test of time, they’re visually appealing, they scream comfort and they offer an escape from the normal, everyday concrete jungle so many of us live in. And it’s not just the aesthetics. They’re functional too; warm in the winter, cool in summer, perfect!

4. Good for the environment

Despite the conclusions people jump to, log homes are an environmentally sound choice. You need much less energy to maintain the temperature as they have incredible insulation properties. Also, a lot of log cabins are constructed from reclaimed timber meaning less deforestation and less damage to nature. All around they are a fantastic choice for the environmentally conscious.

5. Cost

Here’s the big one, the expense. Everyone loves a bargain and trust us log homes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, or even an arm! Most log home owners now use log home kits to build their homes which greatly reduces both the time and money involved in building your cabin. The construction time is much less than it used to be, too. While it used to take months or even more than a year, now your log home can be finished in just a few weeks. This means less labor costs and less time for you to be paying rent while you wait for your home to be completed. And don’t forget the reduced energy bills - you can continue banking that money long after construction is finished!